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Magnesium is the most critical mineral that supports the electrical stability of every cell in our body. Deficiency may be responsible for many diseases than any other nutrient. Every single cell needs it to live and function. Unfortunately, most adults around the world are deficient in this vital nutrient. Promag 300 Transdermal Magnesium by Nano Technology is specifically designed to help supplement your system with magnesium hence promoting a healthful life.

Product Description:

10 Bottles of Magnesium - Promag 300 

How to use:

Drop 3 tablespoons of Promag 300 (Magnesium) into a footspa and soak your feet  or apply to areas on the body and rinse after 15-20 minutes.

Not to be induced by drinking.


Minimum of 10 orders if outside the Philippines at $15.00 each

Inside the Philippines is 825 pesos per 150ml bottle plus shipping.